iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


In the old days if we wanted to do a class brainstorm, collect ideas, thought and information from the class we might have used butcher’s paper. Working on the same document meant emailing it around. But now there are many tools available   to let us do that in real-time and very simply.

Just set up the tool, share the link and any student with the code can work on the same document together

Collect responses, answers, make suggestion about solutions or options…the sky really is the limit with these apps.


Create virtual sticky notes on a shared board. Add text, images and video. A great way to collect information or curate information around and area of study. It could even be an ongoing project based on a unit of work – as more information is found add it to your growing collection.


Padlet – the sticky note board formally known as Wallwisher, is now not only a web 2 tool but works on an iPad. While it is not an app you can save the site to your home screen and it will work just like an app!

TodaysMeetToday’s Meet

While technically not an app, this  lovely, simple, free web tool works beautifully on an iPad. It enables you to create an in class conversation a bit like a Twitter Feed that you would see at a conference. It allows for feedback and conversation in real time in a safe environment. There are no passwords, all you have to do is set up a “room” and “meet” with your students. Encourage your students to ask questions, make comments, give opinions or feedback. A great way to know about the learning and thinking of your students.


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.38.06 pmAnswerGarden 

AnswerGarden  is a collaborative word cloud creator.  It works like a work cloud in that the more times the word is typed in the larger it gets but it is so much more. AnswerGarden is a bit like Todaysmeet meets a word cloud. It is simple to create a new “garden” either on the app or the web. Pose a question, set the length of time you would like the garden to run for then share the unique code. Brilliant for brainstorming and collecting class responses.


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