iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


Screen casting enables us to create short “movie” like tutorials like the Khan Academy tutorials. Teachers can make instructional casts for their students but even more exciting is students making their own screen casts.  They could document , describe, explain or summarise their learning or make a tutorial to teach others. Kids teaching kids..how powerful is that?

Or what about using them as tools for thinking? Students could use them for planning by storyboarding or brainstorming. This is very powerful as” some learners prefer to talk during their brainstorms and keep recorded audio clips …..where they screencast their brainstorms.” (Mohamed El-Ashiry)

There are many apps for screen casting – here are a few tried and  favourites:

Explain Everything ($2.99)

– simple to use and very flexible with quite lots of options. You can re-record sections, have lots of alternatives for colours and pen sizes and can annotate PDFs, PowerPoint, Keynotes and even Pages documents.


– this does almost everything that Explain Everything does but it is free- my favourite!

Especially because you can create an online classroom where you can house the tutorials you create. You can also access Educreations through their web site and select if you want presentations public or private. You and your students can become part of the Educreations Community

Show Me

– very similar to Educreations although with less features.   It has a very simple interface making it great to use with younger students and it is very easy to share either by using the link or embed code provided. The bonus is that you can create and manage student accounts.

Doodlecast Pro $4.99

– a little more basic and the toolbar disappears when you start recording so that makes things a little easier for young children. It has a few backgrounds like graph paper and Venn diagrams and a mouse pointer to use when presenting your screencasts. The finished video is saved to your camera roll for sharing or embedding.

doodlecast for kidsDoodlecast for Kids

At $1.99 this simplified version of Doodlecast is designed for children between 2 and 6. The cute feature is that it has 30 or so story prompts to encourage storytelling. It automatically starts the recording, saves, and exports it to the camera roll.


– probably the most simple to use and with the most basic interface. Made by the same people who made Jing, the videos are uploaded to Screenchomp.com  you can grab the URL link to share or embed.


An easy to use app that lets you use photos, voice and annotations very easily. This would be perfect for digital storytelling. Like Educreations you can join and online community and choose whether you want to share to only your friends(students) or the world.


This is especially for teachers to create tutorials and  content for students – perfect for the flipped classroom. It’s  like a cross between Keynote and Doceri. You can insert a variety of “objects” and “lesson prompts” from the prompt library.The videos you create are saved at the knowmia.com. website or accessible in the app itself .


Screencasting on steroids might be the best way to describe this app. Of course you can create presentations using images or by drawing and then record your voice. But wait…there’s more..

Doceri also lets you control you computer and access your desktop via wifi once you download the software. You can also present anything (Powerpoint, Keynote etc) from your PC or Mac through your iPad. Saving and sharing is easy too. Just choose from email, iTunes, YouTube or Facebook or you can save to your Camera Roll.

SHARE still image captures, multi-page PDFs or audio/video screencasts via email, iTunes, YouTube or Facebook. Or, save to the Camera Roll to share to any service you can connect to via your iPad or computer.

stageStage Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera.

This is a brilliant free app that turns your iPad into a document camera letting you annotate and label anything you want to share on a big screen.

For more information check out this post.

board camBoard Cam.

This app is very similar to Stage but with the advantage of enabling you to record and create screencast as well.


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