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Getting a URL Address for Tricky Things

To make a QR Code you will need a URL address. This is pretty simple for a Web site or YouTube Video. But what if it’s a Word Document or an Audio File. Or even if the web address is so long that it makes the Code to dense to read effectively?

Well here are some solutions to all this.


Here are 2 very simple ways around this.


Place your file in a public folder in your Drop Box and then paste that URL into your Code Generator


This is a great website where you can join, upload your document and get a URL link – too easy!


You might want to create a code for an interview, radio play, book review or to give students instructions or an explanation.


QR Voice

“– when a picture is worth a hundred characters”

A great generator – you type in the text which then becomes a QR Code. When the code is scanned the message is read back.


This website lets you record from your laptop directly to the site and  then it gives you a URL for the recording to use to create your QR code.



A great web site that shortens the URL and creates your QR Code in one easy click. But wait..there’s more. If you join up for free it will also track how many times your code is used and where!


This web site also shorten your URL and let you share and track your codes work on line as well

If you are creating Codes with your iPad download a URL shortening app such as Shrink URL (free) or TinyURL (.99)


Simply highlight and copy the URL you want to use, open the app and it will tell you that is has automatically shrunk the URL it so you can just paste it into the Code Generator of your choice


2 comments on “Getting a URL Address for Tricky Things

  1. Sandra England
    April 19, 2013

    Great work Lynda, gathering all of this together. I have the Bitly app now for my iPad. When I need to shorten a URL I hold with my finger on the URL in a website window, choose Select All when the options appear, then choose Copy when the next options appear. That puts the copy on the iPad’s clipboard. I then open the Bitly app and it already has already recognized that I had copied the URL and is asking me if I want to save it! I then proceed through the Bitly screens, until I have the option of copying the shortened URL for use where I need it. Usually twitter 🙂 sometimes QR codes. Very easy! And all of my saved URLs are available in my Bitly account if I want them another time.

    • Lynda Cutting
      April 20, 2013

      Thanks Sandra, I appreciate your feedback. I agree with you completely. Apps like Bitly are grea to use with an iPad.(I like SkrinkURL myself) You have reminded/inspired me…I should list some of them in this blog. Good thinking. I always get a great idea whenever I converse with you.

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