iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


pocket-watch-598039_1920History can come alive through the iPad.



History Maps of the World

An amazing collection of high-resolution historical maps.



Timeline Eons

Timelines of world history enhanced from the Big Bang and evolution, to historical events and future projections. Graphically enhanced with scrolling, zooming, indexes, and bookmarks.


British Library 19th Century Collection

Access the British Library’s 19th century book collection. It includes classic novels, works of philosophy, history and science.


Epic Citadel

A mesmerizing virtual medieval city that you can wander through at the touch of a finger. Really immerse yourself in the world.



Amelia Earhart Unsolved Mystery Club

This app takes the idea of simulations in another direction – help find Amelia by exploring the facts around her disappearance. There are other apps available to solve the great mysteries of history



Fotopedia Heratige

Created with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this app was recently selected as one of the top 50 apps of all time in Apple’s new Hall of Fame. It has more than 30,000 stunning photos- so many historical sites!



Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.16.54 pmWorld History Atlas HD with 3D

This is awesome. A 3D timeline that lets you spin the globe, select a country and a time and see key facts and events throughout history.



Britanica Kids

Britanica Kids has a range of apps that historically accurate information and resources. Each app is interactive with engaging simulations and games.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.04.03 pm


Britannica Kids: Knights & Castles $4.99


Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt $4.99



Britannica Kids: Aztec Empire $4.99


Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs $4.99


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.13.55 pm
Virtual History – Roma $10.99

This app seems very expensive, but where else would you get the chance for your students to immerse themselves in an ancient world? Here is just a summary from their website to give you a taste of what it might be like for your students

“As if in a time machine, we can observe how the site of the Colosseum was transformed from the original marshy hollow, to the great fire and Nero’s “Domus Aurea” (Golden House), and finally to the amphitheatre itself.
The virtual tour proceeds south to Pompeii, Ercolano and many other important Roman cities – in Europe and the Mediterranean – which are presented with 3D models, information pages and hundreds of superb quality images.”

Even just one copy used on a large screen would bring ancient Rome to life.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.28.31 pmThis Day in History

The name says it all. It’s from the World Book people and there is  interactive multi-media information about key historic events for every day of the year.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.33.31 pmEgyptian Hieroglyphs $3.79

A great little app to decode about 500 hieroglyphs. Students can then write short sentences or even their own name. It even includes a Hieroglyphic Typewriter and Math Calculator – lots of cross curricular possibilities.




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