iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


 lady bugLady Bug Count $.99

This is a mutli touch game where kids can count the spots on the lady bug. There are a variety of setting you get to by touching both cogs together. Set the game to order numbers and count in order or at random. Cute for little fingers.

 mont 2Montessori counting board Lite & Montessori counting board.99

These apps are the digital version of the Montessori Cards and boards we have been using for a long time. There are two apps available

Montessori counting board Lite In this free one you get counting to 100 plus and odd and even numbers

Montessori counting board.99

For  .99 you get as iTunes explains

“… 5 counting apps in one. You can learn to count in 5 different stimulating ways.
1) Learn to count by touch – with just the touch of the finger you can count
2) Learn to count up in order – this time count tiles in order (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4)
3) Learn to count down in order – this time count tiles down (e.g. 4, 3, 2, 1)
4) Drag and count up – this time drag tiles to the counting board to count up
5) Drag and count down – this time drag tiles to the counting board to count down”

Might be  worth the 99cents

hungry fish

Hungry Fish

Help the fish become the biggest fish in the sea. All they have to do is eat the numbers to a specific total.

motionMotion Math ZOOM Lite

“Motion Math Zoom’s zoomable, stretchable number line is missing some numbers – it’s up to your child to put the numbers back where they belong. The new game uses concrete objects to represent abstract numbers: from dinosaurs in the thousands down to amoebas in the thousandths. Fun animal animations and sound effects help elementary school children master the number line.”


Dot to Dot

Simple, hands on, dot to dot game. Great for working on counting.

number findNumber Find

Race the clock to find hidden number of a 1-100 number board


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