iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.46.34 pmMind mapping can be a significant way to support student learning. Here are some very effective and easy to use apps designed specifically for mind mapping. But don’t forget:

  • Tools like Doodle Buddy and other drawing apps can also create great mind maps
  • Mind mapping tools are also great for story boarding and planning.

Popplet Lite

A really simple, free tool that lets you add images, movies etc. I LOVE this app!



iThoughts HD $10.49

While this a VERY expensive app it is a VERY sophisticated mind mapping app for use in compex thinking and planning – there’s not much you couldn’t do with this tool.



i brainstormiBrainstorm

Think of creating a mind map using sticky notes and pens and that is what iBrainstorm is. A simple, effective tool for brainstorming. There is a couple of  bonuses with this app. You can also draw by hand and use sticky notes. You can also share and work collaboratively with other users.


idea sketchIdea Sketch

Perfect for creating flow charts.I think you could best describe Idea Sketch is a more sophisticated version of Popplet Lite for when you want more complex, detailed and professional looking mind maps, and concept maps.


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.34.16 pmMindMeister

A sophisticated mind mapping app, that is not too tricky but probably best suited to middle years and older students. The thing that I particularly like about this app is that it includes templates for a variety of graphic organisers – a real bonus.


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.40.44 pmMindomo

Another very sophisticated mans mapping app – the bonus with this one is that students can work collaboratively on the same map in real time. Great for group work or even the “flipped classroom” model.


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