iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Memes – cute cats or powerful learning tool

It would be tempting to see memes as just cute cat and celebrity pictures with a caption. But memes, like s much of the discussion around using ICT in learning … Continue reading

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Watch YouTube Safely

  Youtube us a powerful learning tool and the second biggest search engine on the planet. It has so many amazing possibilities but for classroom use the “guff” down the … Continue reading

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Inspiring Deeper Thinking

Placing mobile devices in the hands of our students gives them access to amazing resources – videos, paintings, sculptures, cartoons, podcasts not to mention the information available on thousands of … Continue reading

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Giving voice to images

In his painting “Apparition of a Face and a Fruit Dish” Salvador Dali appears to give his painting a face. What was once only in the imagination of an artist … Continue reading

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Why I love the camera on my iPad…….and you should too.

The more I work with students of all ages and iPads the more I reflect on just how useful the camera is as a tool for student learning.┬áBelieve it or … Continue reading

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Searching that fits

As teachers, we want to inspire and enable our students of all ages to be collectors of information and the WWW is an amazing resource…..but we don’t want our students … Continue reading

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Great comics are a bit like poetry – poems and haikus can tell rich and emotive stories with just a few words. By carefully crafting words and pictures comics (or … Continue reading

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