iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Books to Write in

There is quite a few apps that allow the creation of books. Obviously, anything you could use a real book for…you could use an iPad book for. The difference is that many of these can become interactive, with a variety of features not possible in an ordinary paper book.

Jot Dot Notebook

This a very simple yet attractive way to creat notebooks based on handwriting, you can add images, photos, share via email and print as well. Very easy and adaptable

Scribble Press $2.99

This is very flexible book creation tool, there is drawing and writing tool -pens of MANY colors and types and there’s even great templates. It is simple to then publish your books easily to your iBooks library or share. You can order a printed copy of your book Just have a single drawing or photo?  Turn a single page into a clipboard, puzzle, notebook, or greeting card!

iDiary $1.99

This app is aimed at journaling and diary writing with  creative personal journal entries, uploading  photos and drawing pictures. Probably aimed at younger children but as with all simple things..you cold create some very complex outcomes.


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