iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


Ipads give you tremendous opportunity to create, record and edit sound quickly and effectively. But it can be so much more…access a world of music, information about composers and musicians even performances.Don’t forget the rang of information available for you by showing YouTube videos in class as well.  In fact the world really is your musical oyster

Here are just a few great apps

Garage Band $5.49

The ipad version of the Mac classic. It might seem a bit expensive but I think it is well worth it. Your iPad can become a collection of Touch Instruments (even if you’ve never played them before!)  and a full-featured recording studio . Yo can even jam with friends and mix up to eight tracks to create a song which you can share in email or send directly to Facebook, YouTube & SoundCloud.


This is music with a bit of a difference. Draw lines and drop music onto them as they bounce you create the sound, then manipulate them to create your music. A lot of fun and an engaging way to  create music and develop listening skills.



Become a DJ. This app has a huge range of instrumental track, a very impressive visual interface and almost endless ways to mix your own music.



Jam Pad Plus

With this app you can play up to 4 tracks at the same time without needing a live band to accompany you. Fun, inspirational and engaging.

Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition – SyncScore $1.99

This app has  Auto Scrolling so you can follow the music being played while you look at  the sheet music. in this case it is the complete works of Modest Mussorgsky’s most famous piano composition; Pictures at an Exhibition. Music performed by Sviatoslav Richter in sofia, 1958.  (and there are ones for other composers as well)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame $1.99

How about a little bit of history. A timeline aof rock and roll from.



Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.28.32 amNotezilla

This is very nifty – sheet music synchronised to recorded music that scrolls along as you listen.




This might be an expensive app but comes very well recommended as a great tool for higher end users and senior students for music composition and arrangements.







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