iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


iPads – a learning tool or a $900 pencil?

Learners  benefit from open-ended play based learning that develops skills, knowledge and higher order thinking. This is where the iPad excels. It is hands on, manipulative, flexible, engaging and fun.

If we want to use the iPad as a powerful tool for deep thinking and engaging learning not a $900 pencil we need first to as the question “What is the educational outcome I want to achieve?” Ipads allow us to work with students to engage with new millennium learning to collect, curate and create.

iPads are simple to use, flexible and portable. Combined with the power of the Web, the thousands of apps available and the skills of gifted educators iPads become powerful tools for learning. Powerful, not because of their technical characteristics but because of the way they are used. “The iPad provides the user with an immersive experience and as a device, becomes whatever it is that you are using it for; from a textbook, to a virtual frog dissection table.The iPad has the ability to change classroom learning and classroom relationships.”(Alex Gingel) “

When you begin using them in your classroom it may be a little confusing. But just leap in, have a go and who knows where your journey will take you.

This blog is dedicated to helping you on this journey.


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