iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting



Cargo Bot

It sounds simple –  Cargo Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a
robot how to move crates.  Hmm! definitely one of my favourites.  As the levels increase so does the complexity and the potential for learning key elements of coding.


Fix the Factory

A sensational app from Lego Windstorms.  Students have to help EV3RSTORM the really funky robot move around a factory maze to transport  batteries. There are lots of challenges as the game levels up.


Lots of puzzles and tutorials make Tynker a very enjoyable and engaging way for students to learn the basic of coding and create their own games.



A series of puzzles and challenges that require lots of problem solving to get from level to level. The initial levels are very simple (they claim for children as young as 6) but it quickly levels up to more complex challenges – heaps of fun



Logo is a computer programming language created in 1967 for use by students.  Students program the turtle – a real test of algorithmic thinking and problem solving. It has a retro feel as and will engage many students for this fact alone.


Turtle Academy

Not and app but the website works brilliantly on a laptop or iPad and takes iLogo to another level. As they say on their website

Project goal:
Our objective is to teach programming principles in a fun and easy way making programming an accessible competancy to every child in the world.

In the (quite near) future everything we will do will require basic programming abilities, and therefore it is important to learn this skill and learn to like it

Making programming visual provides very quick rewards for the efforts, making it perfect for young children who often have trouble setting long term goals”


Light Bot –  Code Hour

This is a programming puzzle game. It has 20 levels that start off very simply and is perfect for those with no previous experience.

This free app is a bit of an appetite whetter for the paid version at ($4.99) which has 50 levels and 20 challenges

The aim is to enable the robot to light up tiles and gives a good grounding in  procedures, loops, and conditionals.


Robo Logic ($1.99)

They say the Robo Logic game is “easy to learn but hard to master”.

Using drop and drag coding  students program the robot but as the goal is to “activate” all the boxes they are forced in to using re-usable function like loops etc











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