iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Games to inspire Mathematics

When we think of maths apps we often think of those apps designed specifically to teach a maths skill like Pearl Diver HD, and they are great. But there are lots of other possibilities too.There is a huge variety of gaming apps many that can be used to inspire maths learning.

The 2011 Horizon report said “Game-based learning has gained considerable traction since 2003,……Research into games for educational purposes reveals some interesting trends. Early studies of consumer games helped to identify the aspects of games that make them especially engaging and appealing to players of various ages and of both genders: the feeling of working toward a goal; the possibility of attaining spectacular successes; the ability to problem-solve, collaborate with others, and socialize; an interesting story line; and other characteristics.”

Here are a few FREE or cheap games that will engage students, are quick to play and have potential to be adapted to the development of maths concepts and knowledge.

com_rovio__angrybirds_iconAngry Birds – a traditional favourite. Google Angry  in the classroom and there are an amazing number of suggestions and examples by teachers from around the world. Engaging, addictive and fantastic for parabolas, angles, place value, rounding off, graphing and so much more.



racing maths

                  Red Bull Cart Fighter World Tour   and   Bike Baron

As students play a set number of races have them record their results, either in the traditional paper way or through screen capture. The numbers could then be used for ordering, graphing, place value, averages etc etc etc.


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