iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Giving voice to images

In his painting “Apparition of a Face and a Fruit Dish” Salvador Dali appears to give his painting a face. What was once only in the imagination of an artist … Continue reading

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Why I love the camera on my iPad…….and you should too.

The more I work with students of all ages and iPads the more I reflect on just how useful the camera is as a tool for student learning. Believe it or … Continue reading

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What did you do on the holidays?

When you were student do you remember the first day of school. The excitement of seeing your friends, meeting your new teachers, the magical smell of books that had never been used … Continue reading

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Photos for holiday snaps…and for the classroom

One of the great things about holidays is the photos we take to remind us of our adventures.( I took this one at the Werribee Open Plain Zoo and edited … Continue reading

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