iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


Pearl Diver

A highly interactive game to beat the clock and locate numbers on a number line. It starts of simply but moves in more complex numbers such as decimals.

Factor Samurai

This app is very similar to the popular fruit ninja game. Students have to “chop” composite numbers until they are reduced to their prime factors. Numbers fly at them and they can only chop the composite numbers without being penalized.

This is a fun and engaging app that is great for prime/composite work as well  as knowing your multiplication facts!

Maths Evolve

(2nd Place) in the Best App Ever Awards.Math Evolve combines math practice with an arcade-style game that kids actually love to play.

12 unique levels, 19 different enemies, and 6 challenging bosses that can be played on 3 difficulty settings. Math Evolve Lite contains only 2 levels for free.


This is a great game to practice number skills as students race to reach their target number in a limited number of moves with only a limited number of numbers to choose from.

King Of Maths

This is a lot of fun and great addition practice. The challenge is the add all the digits in a numeral and keep adding them to get to a one digit number – and beat the clock.

Numb3rs Lite

This app is based on the TV show “Numbers” Students face a variety of challenges and can’t move on to the next level until they complete the first. Very slick, entertaining and engaging using the characters from the show

fcator manFactorMan

This is a complex and challenging game to develop knowledge of number factors and logic skills. Best described by it’s iTunes blurb – “This math game is played against the superhero FactorMan!  You earn points by choosing numbers between 1 and 100.  If you choose 5, you get 5 points; if you choose 18, you get 18 points.  But FactorMan gets the sum of all of the factors of the number you have chosen (except for the number itself).  If you choose 12, for example, you get 12 points, but FactorMan gets 1+2+3+4+6=16 points! Once a number has been used to gain points (by either you or FactorMan), it cannot be used again, and you may choose only numbers that have at least one other factor left on the board. To win you must have good arithmetic skills and develop a careful strategy. It is not as easy as it might sound!

meteor mathsMeteor Maths

This feels like a real video game. Smash meteors while solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations.The levels get harder and skills improve and it is a bucket load of fun


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