iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Memes – cute cats or powerful learning tool

It would be tempting to see memes as just cute cat and celebrity pictures with a caption. But memes, like s much of the discussion around using ICT in learning … Continue reading

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Inspiring Deeper Thinking

Placing mobile devices in the hands of our students gives them access to amazing resources – videos, paintings, sculptures, cartoons, podcasts not to mention the information available on thousands of … Continue reading

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Giving voice to images

In his painting “Apparition of a Face and a Fruit Dish” Salvador Dali appears to give his painting a face. What was once only in the imagination of an artist … Continue reading

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Great comics are a bit like poetry – poems and haikus can tell rich and emotive stories with just a few words. By carefully crafting words and pictures comics (or … Continue reading

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Exit Tickets and your iPad

Logically, the best way to find out what students learnt during a lesson…is to ask them. Exit tickets are a powerful way to get instant feedback on student learning, reinforce … Continue reading

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Screen Casting

Screen casting is a powerful and exciting tool to support and inspire student learning. Educreations and BoardCam are two of my all time favourite screencasting apps and in the Screen Casting tab above … Continue reading

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Just a thought!

I was sitting in a beautiful park recently and my attention was taken by a young girl, probably not yet two years old, confidently manipulating an iPad. Later at a … Continue reading

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