iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting


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“The Teacher”. by August Muller (1836 – 1885)


So much of what makes great writing has been constant throughout time – the power of the story and the passion of the author to share their thoughts.  But we live in exciting times and technology provides us with so many possibilities to  help students become accomplished writers, inspire them and enable us all  to tell our stories  is a variety of ways and to share them with authentic audiences.

Here are some apps to inspire and support student writing.


This app is a very simple way to make cartoons. This would be a great tool to use with small children as it actually structures the story arc of Set Up – Conflict – Challenge – Climax – Resolution for you and you can simplify the process for younger children by leaving out the elements you wish.


Photocard Lite

This app is a great way to make postcards.  Drop a photo on one side and a message on the other. With this tool writing isn’t threateing as there is only a relatively small space. Writing is also quick to get a very cool result – this makes it a very valuable tool for students to process their learning in other subjects.  There’s also stamps, some simple decoration.


 Doodle Yoodle $1.99

Inspiration for youngers writers. Create a doodle of yourself, add stickers, backgrounds then write your story. Best bit…..you can then annimate your story.



Rory’s Story Cubes $1.99

A great, fun way to inspire writing – a bit like Boggle



tapikeoTapikeo $3.99

An amazing app that allows even young children to create their own visual sequences using “grids”.



feltboardFelt board $4.99

This is the virtual example of the traditional felt board.  Children can create their own stories by dragging and dropping a variety of people and objects into lots of different settings. It’s free and could be used in an enormous range of ways.



Looking for writing inspiration? This app gives you a speedy link to some of the most amazing photos on Flikr – different beautiful photos every day. Inspirational!


Apps to support specific skills:


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