iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Photos for holiday snaps…and for the classroom

photoOne of the great things about holidays is the photos we take to remind us of our adventures.( I took this one at the Werribee Open Plain Zoo and edited it in Pic Collage) Here are a few apps that you could try over the break – add to your memories and build your “toolbox” of apps to use with your class this year. I think the it is the camera on the iPad is one of the reasons that it is such a powerful tool for learning.

FastCameraFree.icon_256 This is an amazing free app for getting action shots. The minute you turn it on it starts snapping away, taking multiple pictures. All you need to do then is go in and select the images you want to keep and delete the rest. Kids at the beach, you bungee jumping or what a great way to capture students at sport for analysis or celebration, science experiments just at the moment of …explosion! Once you’ve tested this app out you will think of hundreds of uses.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 6.55.01 pmSuperimpose (.99) Although this one does cost 99cents it has a lot of possibilities. As the name suggests this app enables you to superimpose one image, or parts of the image on top of another. Lots of fun. I put a Santa hat on my bantams for Christmas but you could do some pretty inventive things in the classroom with this app. Students could use it to place themselves or their illustrations into stories. They could place themselves into pictures of historical events, then they could really write a great description of what happened when the First Fleet arrived. The possibilities are pretty much limitless – what about into photos of different locations, climates or even inside a geometric shape or science experiment.


InstaFrame – great app to combine with others and enhance your photos by adding frames and matts. Lots of fun and great for making covers for books, posters or to illustrate student writing. Simple and quick and very useful when you want  a quick result of when working with younger learners.


imagesPixlr-o-matic – this one is a bit like InstaFrame on steroids. A bit more complex but you can edit, add filters, overlays, special effects as well as borders. In fact they claim that there is over 2 million combinations possible. Perfect when you want a more complex, professional effect.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.22.36 am

Fotobabble and Pixntell are two great apps that are very simple to use and let you add frames, filters and captions to your photos but they also have the added dimension of letting you record voice over the images and then share them.  So many possibilities in the classroom for reflection, documenting learning, exit tickets, presentations, digital storytelling and so much more. Both are free but you need to upgrade for .99 to get more than 5 free on Pixntell.


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