iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Stage Interactive Whiteboard, Document Cameras & Learning

stageAs teachers we have skills and experiences that we use to craft lessons and units of work to achieve the learning outcomes we want for our students. Enhancing and transforming learning with ICT is vital but needs thoughtful planning as we develop our individual “digital toolboxes”. What tools we choose to put in that box is important but  how we use them is even more so. I recently wrote about using the iPad as a free document camera and Stage Interactive Whiteboard a free app that provides even more options, enabling annotation and labelling of any documents and objects you care to place under the camera. For an additional $1.99 you can even record audio to create tutorials. This means you can easily share text in books, magazines, newspapers and even student work. Great for shared reading – it makes any book a big book! Text studies, analysis and comparisons of the reporting of current events and even mapping is easy and you can share objects and artefacts. Wonderful for shared and group writing and it would add another dimension to the old favourite “show and tell”
Modelling everything from how to solve a maths problem on a worksheet or using concrete objects, filling out a form or using thinking routines becomes easier and more efficient.

A useful tool to augment our teaching …..undoubtably but could it be more than that?

quoteWe could use it to edit and give feedback to students about their work but how much more powerful if we enable students to respond to each others work?
Stage could help students show not only their work but also their learning and thinking processes and support peer teaching and group work. I think the document camera starts to transform our practice when we put it in the hands of our students.


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