iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Apps to Inspire Writing

, EcomicsThe apps that might be the most inspirational for writing might not be the ones you expect.  Comics are usually popular with students so using apps like Strip Designer and Comic Touch is a great idea.

But these,like any app are just the tool. A great sculpture isn’t a result of the rock and chisel – it depends on the creativity, inspiration, persistence and skills of the artist, the same is true for student writing. A great comic app like these only go so far, but by combining comic creation with some game apps that engage and immerse students …great writing might happen.

And the apps I suggest might be the very ones I hear teachers complain that their students are wasting their time playing…when they should be working.Lets harness that enthusiasm. Games like these are quick to play and the kids love them. Give them 10 minutes to play and use this to inspire writing.Here’s just a few games but there are lots more possibilities……why not ask your students what they are playing? Some of their games might have great possibilities.

gamesAsk students to imagine themselves in the place of the main character and create their cartoon. How did they get there, what happens, why, what does it feel like, what happens next etc.

You could inspire students to write not only narrative but other writing genres too.

Descriptive writing: Describe the location, equipment, sensations or emotions.

Explanation: Explain what they are doing, how and how you can win.

Report: Create a scientific report about how to get a better score, operate equipment or complete the game challenge.


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