iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

More than just a presentation app!

HAIKU DECK  Quicker,easier and more elegant than PowerPoint. Easier than Keynote yethaiku deck with the same clean, sophisticated look. Haiku Deck is a truly beautiful presentation tool that can give students a chance to share their work with a global audience…..and the app is FREE!

So simple to use:
* Choose a theme
* Tap to add the title
* Add images by tapping the icon then chose from a huge range of stunning,copyright free  images. I think it’s  these images  which set this app apart. Not only are they stunning but once you have typed in your text on the slide when you tap,the picture icon related words will automatically come up. You can use one of them, enter other search words of take your own pictures from the camera roll
* Lastly, choose your layout. This will determine where your text is and you can choose to delete the shaded background from the text box if you prefer.                                                                          
* Once the presentation is completed you can choose how you want to save and share it either as a Private or Public Deck. Private is perfect if it has student photos or personal information then you can show it through your IWB or data projector or share it with  the usual options, email. URL link, Facebook etc.
But to me the thing that makes this app so special is that you can choose to save it as a Public Deck. This means that students have a real audience for their work…the whole world! It also means that there are thousands of Decks available for you to access
This is also a wonderful tool to create stunning books for use in your class using the sensational Haiku Deck images or your own photos. Turn  poems into shared reading
books, publish class or individual student stories, document excursions and learning. To print them, just share them as a PowerPoint or  Keynote, email it to your computer and
print out the slides.
As they say …Haiku Deck….sets your story free!


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