iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

Your iPad as a FREE Document Camera

I’ve heard the iPad described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the digital world…..you know, you wouldn’t want to build a car with it but it can do a pretty good job of most things. Well, here’s one more way you can use your iPad to support learning. Have you ever wanted a
document camera to share anything from books, maps  and mini-beasts to  a close
up view of a heart while you dissect it with your students?
stand 1All you need to do is to connect our iPad to your IWB or data projector and create a stand for it.
Anything stable will do, as long as the camera lens isn’t covered. The camera on your iPad will do the rest and it even zooms in and out too.

 My current favourite stand is an expanding shelf stacker  that I got for less than $5 at a large green hardware store…that’s a lot better than the around $300 for a “real” document Camera. This stand very stable and it even folds up for storage.

There are 101 plus way to use it – from showing worms sliding around, text for shared reading or start with a close up of a mystery object, image or piece of text for a “Zoom In” thinking  routine

This blog post from the Education Technology Network suggests 50+ ways you could use a document camear in your classroom.


2 comments on “Your iPad as a FREE Document Camera

  1. Chris Gatt (@crjgatt)
    May 10, 2013

    I love this idea. You might want to add this app into the mix, as it allows you to annotate over video!

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