iPads in Education – Enhancing student learning by Lynda Cutting

PhotoCard Lite & SAMR

If you were looking for an app that was the perfect match for the SAMR Model, the I think it would have to be PhotoCard Lite.

Such a simple app that everyone from preps to a teacher could use it.

One side is a picture while the other side has a number of great features.photocard1 There are stamps and stickers for fun but it’s the space to write and the opportunity to add your own voice with your  choice of nifty speech bubbles that makes this app special. Of course you can share or print your finished postcard.

While at first look this seems to be a very simple app, suitable for use with even our very youngest learners. Think about using it through the lens of the SAMR model and we get a very different picture as you can “level up” the tasks you use it for.

subInstead of students sending a letter home to their parents about their work – send a PhotoCard instead.

Want students to record and reflect on their learning, excursions or reading – take photos and annotate using PhotoCard.

augThe possibility of recording student voice gives what could be ordinary, a special element and extra engagement not possible with a paper letter.

Having history students send 2 PhotoCards – one from Captain Cook as he arrived in Botany Bay and one from the Aboriginal Elder who witnessed his arrival , enhanced by audio not only is not only facilitating deeper thinking but much more engaging.

redefineA gifted teacher I worked with recently – thanks Cheryl, told me that she was going to have her preps create PhotoCards to send to their parents but if she could get another prep class to email cards with her, students could collaborate in many ways. An inspirational idea – “leveling up” at it’s best.


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